We’ve Tried: Sun, Sea and Skipper for the Day in BCN

The tale of the perfect morning spent sailing along Barcelona’s coastline.

10AM. Saturday Morning. Port Vell. I was about to have the perfect Saturday morning in Barcelona – a laid back introduction to sailing around the stunning Catalonian coastline. The sun became gradually stronger and so did my excitement.

After a friendly welcome from the organiser, I took the chance to take some snaps of the sailing boat. As I assessed the yacht with my very amateur eye, I confidently concluded that it was the perfect size; small so it could nip quickly between the waves but big enough not to capsize! Eric, our relaxed and very knowledgeable skipper, then arrived with other members of the group.

Business Yachtclub experience Sailing Experience Yachtclub

We all hopped onto the boat and, after a short introduction to the perplexing jumble of multicoloured ropes and pulleys, the boat pulled out of the harbour. As the huge spotless-white sails were raised, I noticed some passers-by staring intently at the boat – I could get used to this glamour!

Sailing experience Barcelona Yachtclub Barcelona
Sailing on the Coastline of Barcelona Business Yachtclub sailing experience

As normal during the summer, the sea was extremely calm but there was more than enough wind for the skipper to catch the breeze and get us up to a good pace. The sea was so still that life jackets weren’t necessary, although I was told that on rougher days these are of course available.

After a few minutes of observing the expert at work, we all jumped at the chance to grab the rudder and steer the boat. But novices beware – this is not as easy as it looks! I gradually got the hang of it, but only after a few subtle nudges and adjustments from Eric. We then adjusted the ropes so we could change direction and speed, ducking and diving beneath the bow as it swung above our heads.

Day sailing with Yachtclub Barcelona Day sailing in Barcelona

We edged further away from the coast and were gradually surrounded by fellow sailing boats enjoying a beautiful Mediterranean morning at sea. The view was spectacular as hundreds of glistening sails glided past us. The experience of being on a boat with no engine is so serene and it was so refreshing to feel a crisp, salty breeze – a welcome change from the blistering heat of Barcelona’s summer months.

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Before I knew it, it was time to head back to the port. It surprised me how, at only a stone’s throw away from the city centre, the atmosphere can seem so tranquil.

As I sit at my computer reflecting on my day as a yachtswoman, there is slight twinge of jealousy that Eric is out on the water right now… I don’t think it’ll be long until I find myself at sea again!


Are you thinking of taking a sailing trip and have some questions? Have you been on the trip yourself? Share your questions and experiences below!


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